Thursday, September 3, 2009

Delphi SpeedUp 2.78

DelphiSpeedUp is an IDE plugin for Delphi and C++Builder. It improves the IDE’s startup speed and increases the general speed of the whole IDE. This is achieved by replacing some often used RTL functions by FastCode function that are optimized for the used CPU and some other faster implementations. It also employs caches when the IDE loads.

Important information: All these optimizations do not affect the compiled projects in any way. They are made in memory keeping all the files on disk unmodified. Uninstalling DelphiSpeedUp reverts every change because the optimizations aren’t persistent. They only exist in memory and are limited to the Delphi/BCB/BDS process.

Not every access violation in DelphiSpeedUp.dll is a bug in DelphiSpeedUp. Actually many of the exceptions in the RTL package are now thrown in the DelphiSpeedUp.dll because the RTL functions are replaced by the DelphiSpeedUp functions and wrong parameters like nil-pointers, invalid pointers, … now lead to access violations in the replacement code. A wrong function call just remains a wrong function call.

  • Improves Delphi/BCB/BDS’s load times
  • Optimizes often used RTL functions by functions form the FastCode project
  • All optimizations are done in memory and do not change any file on disk
  • Adds a “Close all and kill” menu item to the “File” menu that terminates the IDE very fast
  • The fast termination is used when you close the IDE while pressing the CTRL key.
  • Shows waiting cursor while loading designtime package
  • Optimized the Delphi Compiler’s C RTL
  • CodeCompletion and HelpInsight can be aborted by ESC/mouse move
Supported IDEs:
  • C++Builder 5, 6
  • Delphi 5, 6, 7
  • Borland Developer Studio 2005, 2006
  • CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 (December Update)
How to install:
  • Download the DelphiSpeedUp zip-file
  • Extract the zip file to a directory of your choice
  • Execute the contained executable InstallDelphiSpeedUpX (where X is your Delphi/BCB version)
  • Start Delphi/BCB/BDS and work on your projects


KickingNScreaming said...

I reinstalled Delphi 2006 under Win7 Pro 32bit. I also installed the Delphi 2006 Hotfix Roll Up. Now I am trying to install Delphi SpeedUp 2.78 but I get a message that "Cannot register DelphiSpeedUpLoader.bpl." Any ideas on what to try next? Maybe I need to do a manual install?


Mojo said...

How do you uninstall delphi speedup?

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