Monday, September 7, 2009

DevExpress Components : Installing D5 & D7 (or later) on the same PC

Issue :

The DevExpress Team announced in 2007 that wef from v28, the Delphi IDE will no longer be supported.

Of course, you can continue using Build 27, however, DevExpress cannot guarantee that this will be able to apply code fixes designed for newer builds of our components to the libraries from this build. From DevExpress point of view, it is best to migrate to a newer version of Delphi if you wish to use the latest versions of their components.

The Solution

Although you can't use the latest  DevExpress setup for this purpose, you can do the following to have both versions installed:-

1. Install v27 under the required IDE. Backup all the binary (and other necessary files). It's easy, since our setup copies files only under the product's root folder.

2. Install latest version #46 as at 7th Sept 2009

3. Restore backed up file to a folder, and install the required components from v27 manually, by registering packages via the IDE.


carlmon said...

I am experiencing a problem after following your steps...

My v27 is installed to "C:\Components\Developer Express.VCL" and v46 to "C:\Components\Developer Express Latest".

Delphi 2010 works when the DXVCL environment variable points to the v46 build, but Delphi 5 complains about the BCLs. Pointing to the v27 build fixes D5 and breaks D2010. Is there a clean way around this? (I am going to try a batch file to set the env variable before starting Delphi, but this is a pain.)

carlmon said...

Update: Fixed the problem by adding both paths to the PATH env variable. In my case these were:
C:\Components\Developer Express.VCL\Library\Delphi5
C:\Components\Developer Express Latest\Library\Delphi14

Chee Chong Hwa, CA(M), CPA said...

Hi Carlmon

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