Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Solution to '0.0' is not a valid timestamp in D7

Solution to '0.0' is not a valdi timestamp ;-)

(* SysUtils.pas line 10934 (Delphi 7.1)  *)
(**)(* fix - Timestamp values 0.0 erroneously designated as invalid *)
(* D7.1 *)
(* Walter Prins, originally patched May 2005, submitted 4 June 2009 *)
procedure ValidateTimeStamp(const TimeStamp: TTimeStamp);
  if (TimeStamp.Time < 0) or (TimeStamp.Date < 0) then (* Changed TimeStamp.Date <= 0 to TimeStamp.Date < 0 *)
    ConvertErrorFmt(@SInvalidTimeStamp, [TimeStamp.Date, TimeStamp.Time]);

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